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Dentures, also known as false teeth are prosthetic device used in place of missing teeth. We provide dentures that are of high quality and at the same time we are sure that we will be able to provide you with dentures that are a perfect fit. Bangalore Dental solutions provide patients with both Partial and Complete Dentures.

Complete Dentures

We provide complete dentures which are used to replace missing teeth for people with no remaining teeth. Complete dentures are usually made from plastic (acrylic). We provide our patients with two types of complete dentures: Conventional dentures and immediate dentures.A conventional denture is ready for placement in the mouth about 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed. Waiting a good eight weeks before fitting dentures will give your gums time to better heal from the extractions, and also allow for shrinkage that will occur in the boney ridge during this period. Immediate dentures are made in advance and are placed right after the teeth have been removed. Immediate dentures usually require some adjustments during the first six months after installment. However, the greatest advantage to immediate dentures is that fact that you will emerge from our clinic with a complete set of teeth. At our clinic our dental care professionals consult with our patients and help them understand and decide which treatment is best suited for them.

Laser Gum Contouring
Gum Contouring​

Removable Partial Denture (RPD)

The most economical way to replace several missing teeth is with a removable partial denture (RPD). There are different types of RPD, from the very inexpensive dental flipper, to precision attachment partials. Partial dentures are used when only few teeth remain.The base of the denture is made from either metal or plastic (acrylic), and the teeth are usually acrylic. We provide our patients with removable and permanent partial denture. A partial denture or bridge usually has replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, which is connected by metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth. Not only is a removable partial denture less expensive, but with a RPD the dentist can replace many teeth with one appliance.

Sunflex Denture

Patients with metal clasp partial dentures often express that they feel self-conscious about smiling, talking or even enjoying a simple meal. At Bangalore Dental Implants we provide our patients with Sunflex Partial Dentures which in comparison to acrylic partials is lightweight, more comfortable and practically invisible, with no metal clasps. Patients will benefit from the natural tissue blend effect of the thin clasp design and the translucency that picks up patient’s natural tissue tone. Virtually invisible, Sunflex Partial Dentures give you the confidence you want in each and every smile.

  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Unbreakable – Guaranteed for life against breakage
  • Lightweight
  • No metal clasps – only tissue-colored clasps
  • Teeth and clasps can be added later
  • More stain-resistant than other flexible acrylics
  • Has the perfect degree of flexibility

BPS Denture

If you have lost a few teeth but don’t want a whole set false ones then BPS or “Bio-functional Prosthetic System” is the perfect solution for you. We at Bangalore Dental Implants give our patients this option as they are considered the best solution to tooth loss, providing patients with optimum function while laughing, speaking and eating. While traditional partial dentures are a good option for functionality and comfort, patients looking for a more natural-looking, accurate restoration may want to consider BPS dentures. Top-quality materials are used to resist staining, chipping and wear. A measurement of your jaw and face is used to create a personalized denture that will suit your individual needs and looks. Thebenefits of BPS are:

    Benefits of BPS are:

  • Natural looking in appearance
  • Requires less chair time.
  • Requires fewer adjustments.
  • They are a perfect fit and are comfortable.
  • Greater durability
  • You can smile, talk and eat with confidence with your BPS dentures.

Flexible Denture

People who wear dentures wear it without complaining but at one time or other have felt the discomfort or pain associated with traditional dentures. Well no more!!! At Bangalore Dental solutions we provide our patients with a new kind of denture known as flexible denture which gives the highest comfort levels of any dentures available. A flexible denture is a traditional denture with a flexible resin coating on the outer layer of the denture base. This flexibility allows the denture to lock in around the undercut of the jaw bone for superior stability. Because flexible dentures hook into your undercuts, they provide the stability you need to eat tough foods like apples and even hard nuts. The material used is nonporous, so no bacteria can build up within it. Yet, even though it’s nonporous, the denture will still retain a slight amount of moisture to keep it comfortable against your gums. Flexible dentures are also very light and thin and patients hardly feel like they are wearing them. Though Flexible dentures are expensive they make up for it by lasting far longer.

One Day Denture

One day dentures sometimes referred to as “same day dentures” allows you to come in the morning and leave the same day with your new dentures. At Bangalore Dental solutions we provide you with dentures that can be measured, manufactured and installed the very same day you go in for them. To provide our patients with this treatment we have an onsite lab equipped for immediate manufacturing. The patients who are best suited for One Day Dentures are those whose gums have just healed from recent extractions, or prior denture wearers who are looking for some type of replacement denture. Patients whose natural teeth are extracted can also have dentures installed the same day as we cement the new dentures immediately into the sockets and you will be essentially converting from dentures to natural teeth in one day.

Dentures come at varied prices and in many countries it is more expensive than in India. We at Bangalore Dental solutions provide you with not only high quality, well-made denture but also deliver them at very cost effective rates.

To make your denture fit perfectly in your mouth we make series of impressions, create models to assess the correct shape and size of your tooth and only then create the final denture cast.