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Diagnodent Pen

The DIAGNOdent pen is a laser detecting device that can identify the early caries and calculus below gingival line in chair side. The pen is a small hand-held instrument used for the accurate and elementary detection of dental caries. Most people encounter caries or cavities at some point in their lives. Though a common disease, it is seldom detected early. For several reasons finding small or big cavities are not simple. Where pain may be one of the best mechanisms of the body to trigger abnormalities within it, for cavities, the usual stimulants such as cold or heat do not hurt them. There is no hint of a prior presence.

Experts at Dental Solutions use the latest DIAGNOdent pen that works with an intelligent amalgamation of x-ray imaging, and laser fluorescence technology. Initial, hidden caries are easily and safely detected with accurate measurements and views from all directions. The DIAGNOdent pen has many advantages. Methods of treatment are fairly pleasant and preventive. Manual probing of the affected area is minimized and so is abrasion of the enamel. Most procedures may require the removal of healthy enamel to evaluate the cavity and provide treatments. But the DIAGNOdent pen facilitates micro-invasive treatments, collating mild measurements without the removal of healthy enamel. There is an obvious and noticeable success rate with the use of the DIAGNOdent pen.

Dental Solutions is committed to providing superior prophylactic treatments where most dental clinics fear to approach this area fearing dwindling monetary gains.

Florida Probe System

The Florida Probe System is a computerized hand piece that uses the FP32 Perio Software to transform the computer into a probing station. The FP Handpiece and software come with a Footswitch work that can be used along with the computer. Some prudent features of the Florida Probe System are:

  • Enhanced productivity: The virtual assistance provided by the probing system eliminates the need for the presence of a physical medical assistant – because of simultaneous output technologies – charting while probing.
  • Customizable examinations: Customization enables recording medical history, dentition, gingival attachments, risk assessments, hyperplasia, depth of pockets, bleeding gums, plaque and related diagnosis
  • Accurate measurements: The system allows consistent measurements when different amounts of probe pressure is applied – precision levels of the Florida Probe is about 0.2 mm – providing accurate diagnosis facilitating planned patient follow-up.
  • Automatic charting systems: The regular periodontal probe displays thin bands of data which have to be read tediously. With the Florida Probe pocket depth estimation can be done easily by just bringing down the blue sleeve down to the gingival margin and tap the Footswitch to record numerical data.
  • Treatment maps: The output in the form of a periodontal chart presents a treatment map and schedule for planing, root scaling that can be combined with a patient’s diagnosis sheet.

Waterpik® is known for its unsurpassed quality and support to oral health. At DentalSolutions, the Waterpik® is used to treat gingivitis, clean periodontal pockets, care for crowns, bridges, and veneers and to help maintain implants. The WP-100 can be safely used by kids, diabetic patients, and pregnant women

White Ultra Water Flosser

The WP-100 White Ultra Water Flosser is one of the most effective ways to floss. Recommended for ultimate flossing performance it has at least 10 pressure settings and is definitely quieter than its predecessors. A contemporary design, it is small, has six unique tips and a reservoir which is covered with an in-lid tip storage. This instrument is clinically proven to be better and more efficient than traditional flossing devices. They are effective in reducing plaque, gingivitis and gum disease.


Advancements in technology have enabled the usage of digital radiography in dentistry, a form of x-ray that uses sensors. A digital image capture device is used with added advantages of preview and elimination of lengthy film processing that takes time and is not economically viable. Digital x-rays have the ability to reduce x-ray exposure and improve diagnostic proficiency. The use of harsh chemicals and other toxic materials associated with traditional film development is eliminated. Digital radiography is also cost-effective.

Digital Radiography is an excellent alternative as against traditional x-rays with amazing precision and offers 256 shades of grey as against 16-25 shades available in conventional radiology. It offers good picture quality thus easing diagnosis. Digital radiography can also be safely used on pregnant women with appropriate permissions from the gynecologist.

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