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Invisible Orthodontics – Clear Path

Invisible Orthodontics

Clear plastic aligners are custom made to fit comfortably over your teeth. These clear plastic braces are virtually unnoticeable.

Ceramic braces function just like metal braces and are placed on the front side of the teeth. The ceramic brackets are colored to match your teeth and are not as noticeable as metal brackets.

Invisible AlignersInvisalign, an invisible brace for those patients who find the idea of a mouthful of metal braces and brackets too unattractive. Invisalign is a modern approach to straightening teeth. These aligners are comfortable, and invisible that you can wear over your teeth and are made just for you. There are no brackets to attach or metal wires to tighten; they just gradually and gently shift the teeth into position.These clear plastic aligners help you give you a perfect smile without anyone knowing that you are straightening your teeth.


Advantages of Invisible Aligners

  • Invisalign is invisible, so that no one can tell that you’re straightening your teeth.
  • They are removable, so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, besides being able to brush and floss normally.
  • They are comfortable, because there are no metal wires or sharp brackets to irritate your cheeks or tongue.
  • Adjustments in the clinic are quicker, and treatment times are usually short.
  • Since the movements are planned by computer, they are more efficient.
  • Since there are no brackets to catch food or plaque, the risk of tooth decay or tooth damage from braces is significantly lower with Invisalign®.
  • The added comfort and absence of sharp metal brackets makes it much easier to play woodwind and brass musical instruments. It is also ideal for teenagers involved in sports.
  • A single visit clear path can allow you to have the entire set of aligners at one go. So in just one appointment you can have all the required aligners for treatment completion. This is suited for patients who cannot visit on a monthly basis for teeth alignment.