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Microscopic Endodontics

Microscopic Endodontics

Dental operating microscopes are considered as one of the best innovations in dentistry. Macro-dentistry drew a closure with the introduction of precision through micro-dentistry. Dentists can work under high magnifications and resolutions to derive better and accurate results. The success of root canal treatments took a gigantic leap with the introduction of microscopes in dentistry for procedural execution.

Advantages of Microscopic Endodontics

  • It can retrieve broken instruments
  • Endodontic treatments tend to be more accurate than other conventional treatments

Microscopic Endodontics at Dental Solutions, Bangalore

Excellent treatment methodologies along with high levels of precision and exquisite clinical skills are found at Dental Solutions, Bangalore. The Team of doctors at the facility are well-trained on both surgical and non-surgical endodontics to ensure premier and precise results. One of the biggest advantages of microscopic endodontics is that the dental microscope enables visualization inside the tooth and into the root canal system. With added lighting, the magnification is up to 20 times greater. This makes it extremely important to view the extra root canals that cannot be viewed even with loupes. Sometimes the inside of the tooth cannot be seen due to the crown fillings – but the special light from the microscope allows the dentist to see the floor of the teeth clearly. Any abnormal anatomy and fractures can be treated beforehand when detected early.

Only few dentists will incorporate microscopic dental practice where dental solutions provide unique microscopic dental practice. Technique can be utilised for any service.

With a combination of skills and advanced microscopic technology Dental Solutions is positioned to provide some of the best endodontic services to their patients.