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Conservative Endodontics

Conservative Endodontics

Conservative dentistry in endodontics deals with the preservation of teeth. It is ideally a combination of operative dentistry and endodontics. The specialty encompasses restoration and preservation techniques of teeth and the diagnosis and treatment of dental caries to re-establish full functionality and aesthetics of the tooth.

By definition operative, dentistry prevents diagnoses and treats defects in the dentin and enamel of individual teeth. At one point the aggregate field of dentistry was considered as operative dentistry. It is from this base of operative dentistry that other spheres of dentistry evolved. The Early dental practice involved tooth extraction but with more educational institutions evolving to teach dentistry by the beginning of the 18th-century dental programs and its tutelage progressed. With the father of modern dentistry Dr. G.V.Black standardizing cavity preparations and the manufacturing process of silver fillings, the scientific foundation for operative dentistry was laid down with a scope for massive expansion. Today, the specialty plays a major role in the enhancement of dental health and is an active component in dental practice. Operative dentistry with endodontics helps to meet the overall goal of dental sciences such as the elimination of disease, restoration of the tooth, along with its form and function.

The purpose and responsibility of Conservative Endodontics:

Operative dentistry comes with an understanding of infection control and examines not just the affected tooth but also the systemic health of the patient. It correlates the diagnosis of the dental problem with body tissues. A well-drafted treatment plan has the capability of restoring the health and function of the affected area. Usage of the right material, its demands and limitations are understood well by the specialty. It comprehends the biological basis and functionalities of tooth components and supporting tissues with a thorough apprehension of the oral environment and dental anatomy.


detecting the nature of the disease is critical to developing a treatment plan

Interception and prevention

to avoid any recurrence of the disease and any further loss of the structure of the tooth thereby stabilizing the active disease process

Restoration and preservation

Restoring all shape and aesthetics along with the performance of the tooth and sustain vital periodontal support of the surviving structure of the tooth

Conservative and endodontics at Dental Solutions, Bangalore is practiced as a combination of microbiology and human biology. The surgeons possess highly accomplished technical skills and demonstrate artistic capabilities in tooth restoration. The clinic specializes in the restoration of all types of dental caries, wear and tear of tooth, trauma and developmental defects. Restoration treatments at Dental Solutions are supported by the latest technologies in microscopic endodontics and digital radiography. Microscopic endodontics is a tooth-saving technique where a surgical microscope is used at extreme magnifications to view all the root canals to treat them accurately and effectively. Digital radiography can enhance the brightness and contrast of the images taken, magnify the apical zone along with easy transmission and storage of the images. Dental Solutions makes valuable investments for their patients.