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Adam Walker from United States

Adam Walker from United States

Hi, I’m Adam Walker from the Newyork, United States and I’ve been in Bangalore for around three years, I have been visiting Dental solutions and Dr. Balasubramanya for about two and a half years and before I came to dental solutions, I probably didn’t see a dentist for about two years. So when I first came here, I was a bit apprehensive and then I became very comfortable when I met Dr. Balu, he is smart and very comforting individual who when I first saw him I remember how he explained every step of the way what he was going to do, gave me a lot of confidence in being his patient.

So by now, I’ve seen him multiple times including having had gingivitis and having had a Laser gum surgery that went incredibly smoothly and that was also something I was concerned about because it involved a Laser and of course again working with Dr. Balu I didn’t have any worry while I was there.

Dr. Balasubramanya is the best dentist that I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen multiple dentists in my hometown Newyork as well as while I was living in Pitsburg Pennsylvania and I would say he is by far the most friendly and also the most competent technically, he explains all of the processes that he does as well as the training he has undergone out of the country. That has given me a really great experience, i feel more comfortable seeing him in India than the dentist I’ve had in the US

So I Recommend Dental Solutions and Dr. Balasubramany