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The Connection Between Diabetes and

Is there a connection Between Diabetes and Gum Disease

A chronic inflammatory disease caused by bacterial settlement and affects the soft and hard parts of the teeth is known as . Around 90% of the world's population suffers from which is the and almost 40%  have a more advanced form, which is periodontal disease. At the onset of periodontal disease your gums turn red, get swollen and start to bleed easily – When you reach this stage, your gums begin to pull away from your teeth, causing pockets between the teeth and gums, therefore giving way to fill them with pus and germs. If not corrected at an early stage, this can cause a major blow to your bone around the teeth and slowly your teeth may get loose and fall off.  And if your someone who suffers from diabetes, ber in mind that people with diabetes have a higher probability of gum disease when blood sugars are not controlled.

The Association Between Gum Disease and Diabetes?

Association Between Gum Disease and Diabetes
Association Between Gum Disease and Diabetes
Research has shown that there is an increased prevalence of gum disease among those with diabetes,  and hence gum disease has been added to the list of severe health complications that arise due to diabetes. This does not end here, the research further goes on to suggests that the relationship between diabetes and serious gum disease is bi-directional or two-way or let's just say interlinked. Not only are people with diabetes more vulnerable to serious gum disease, but serious gum disease may have the possibility to affect blood glucose control and add to the progression of diabetes. People with diabetes are at an increased risk of issues, such as gingivitis and because they have a decreased ability to fight bacteria that invade the gums and are generally more susceptible to bacterial infection.

Am I at Risk for Dental Problems if I am having diabetes?

As mentioned above, yes, if your blood glucose levels are poorly maintained, you are more likely to develop such serious oral health issues and loss of teeth. Once you have developed gum diseases and are already suffering from diabetes, it is harder to control diabetes. Other oral problems associated with diabetes include; thrush, an infection caused by a fungus that grows in the mouth, and dry mouth which can cause , ulcers, soreness, and .
What can help me prevent problems associated with Diabetes?
Take this as a thumb rule – Make it a point to control your blood glucose level. Take utmost care of your gums, teeth and make sure to visit the dentist on a regular basis. To control thrush, a fungal infection, avoid and, if you wear , remove and clean them regularly.  Blood glucose control can also help prevent and relieve dry mouth caused by diabetes.
What Can I Expect at My Checkup? Does my dentist need to know about my health condition?
People with diabetes have special dental care needs and only a professional dentist will be well equipped to meet care for those needs—with your help. It is best to let the dentist know about any changes in your condition and any medication you might be taking. In case your blood sugar is not in good control, postpone any non-emergency dental procedures. Maintaining good oral health may add 10 years to your life! But taking it lightly can deduct a few years. Follow the guidelines prescribed by your dental health care clinic accurately. It is easy to control and avoid major oral health and overall health issues when you know what to do and you do. Are you worried about your dental health and blood-sugar control? Schedule your visit with one of Bangalore's best dental doctors and get your oral health back on track.

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