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No more drilling – Contactless with Er-Yag

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The sound of the drill, the dreaded shot, the big fat needle. Ugh! Like having a cavity wasn't painful enough. Yes, most of us dread a dentist-visit to get our cavity fillings done only because of the painful experience. This traditional method ( which is still in practice) of fixing the cavity is called the drill dentistry. Drills are used to make space for the filling. Attached to these drills are a hard metal alloy which comes in various sizes and shapes. The name “drill” in itself implies invasiveness. To ensure patients are not in pain and discomfort, they often administer an anesthetic solution into the tissue with a sharp needle. Drill dentistry is a well-known technology. However, since it's relatively inexpensive, it's also more commonly used, so is an essential tool at the dentist's clinic but not the most comfortable technique of getting rid of your .

What is ?

contactless cavity filling using er yag laser
contactless cavity filling using er yag laser
Instead of drills, laser-assisted contactless cavity filling uses a laser beam is used to cut into the 's spot of decay without the laser cutting into the healthy enamel and dentin of the tooth. The laser works by heating water molecules in the tooth, which expand and dislodge decay.

Er-Yag Laser-assisted, Contactless cavity filling

Luckily, there's another option available at Dental Solutions Bangalore. . Yes, laser dentistry can fix your without all the painful experience. Just imagine getting rid of the cavity without having to hear the sound of the drill in your sleep for weeks thereafter! Fixing cavity without pain using laser dentistry is the best option, especially for kids, who dread the needle and also for the rest of us “big kids” who almost start behaving cranky at the sight of a needle.

How Contactless cavity filling works without any pain?

A laser emits amplified light energy, which is capable of cutting out the affected area of the tooth or around the gum, yes, a dental laser can cut tissue and teeth very precisely without causing harm to the surrounding tooth material or tissues.  Different wavelengths are used to target different materials – from gum tissue to enamel and decayed teeth. Instead of drills and needles, laser dentistry uses air, light, and water to treat cavities. The laser beam is combined with a spray of air and water to keep the surrounding area of the tooth cool. Then, the laser light is absorbed into the tooth's spot of decay without the laser cutting into the healthy enamel and dentin of the tooth, which means no heavy removal of the healthy tooth/tissue as would be the case when using a drill. The laser works by heating water molecules in the tooth, which expand and dislodge decay. After the tooth cavity has been cleaned out and disinfected by the laser, filling material is injected into the treated area. As compared to the drill technology, dental lasers cause far lesser vibration and no pain. Therefore, most of the laser treatments do not require anesthesia, unless the case is complex and the dentist advice for one. The whole experience of a cavity filling using laser dentistry can be summarised as below: You will feel a light sensation and some cooling in your mouth. You'll be aware that there is some work going on in your mouth but it's just different because you don't have the pain from the needle, you don't have to sit there and wait to be numb, no drilling sound, and you don't have to wait for another needle. Also, you don't have to worry halfway through that you're going to go “un-numb” and have to get more anesthesia. Somewhere in between, you might think there is going to be a big jolt, but instead, you will hear the doctor say “We are done”! A huge sense of relief, isn't it? And the best part – No pain. You can now get back to your routine. This is very true, patients feel more at ease and comfortable throughout the procedures. We have experienced this with every patient who has undergone this procedure.
Is the laser dentistry for cavity filling safe for kids?
Yes! Laser dentistry is very safe for both kids and adults, going a step further, we would like to say it is also the most effective method of treating teeth cavities. Laser has been approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and it has also received the seal of acceptance from the American Dentist Association (ADA). You can rest assured that the technology is safe, having stamps of approval from the FDA and the ADA.
Are there any limitations to contactless Laser assisted cavity filling?
Laser dentistry is awesome, but like every technology, there are limitations to what laser dentistry can achieve. For example, laser dentistry cannot be used on teeth with fillings already in place and can't be used to fill cavities in-between the teeth. It also cannot be used to do any polishing or shaping of the filling.  Despite these limitations, this advanced technology is far better for a patient's comfort. With all these wonderful benefits, you might be wondering why it isn't more common. The main reason is that laser dentistry demands a significant investment of money and time from the dentists which is not feasible for all dentists in Bangalore. The lasers are expensive but most importantly, dentists need to complete the training to use these lasers. We are proud to inform you that at Dental solutions Bangalore, we have professionals working with laser treatments, who vow to provide the best for you and your kids.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”0″ full_height=”0″ particles=”0″][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]
Contactless Cavity Filling using laser
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Cervical treatment without drilling
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Cavity filling without drilling
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