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Soft Tissue to reduce the gap between teeth

Will reduce the gap between your teeth?

In the upper front region of our teeth, an abnormal high gingival attachment impairs function and cosmetics. Your dentist can treat this condition with frenectomy or frenotomy procedures using traditional knife incisions or laser. However, lasers are more preferred because of its exact cutting, clear and bloodless design, instant blood clotting, little tissue reaction, and less post-operative pain.

What is a frenectomy, and why is it done?

A frenectomy may be necessary for you or your child for various reasons. Your doctor may recommend this surgery to address a frenum that is causing:

  • High frenum attachment
  • A lip-tie that restricts lip movement.
  • A tongue-tie restricts the range of motion of your tongue.
  • (space between your teeth) can be non-appealing in a cosmetic way for certain
  • people.
  • Gum recession can cause , , and teeth movement issues.
  • Brushing or causes pain, swelling, or soreness.
Fan-shaped Papilla penetrating type of frenal
attachment before frenectomy
Dumbell shaped papilla penetrating type of frenal
attachment before frenectomy

What are the benefits of undergoing laser frenectomy ?

Laser frenectomies offer an array of benefits. This procedure can help you or your infant in the following ways:

  • It improves speech by resolving the .
  • Improves breastfeeding for the infant.
  • Laser is comparatively faster and has low rates of complications.
  • The recovery rate is good with lasers.
  • Enhances smiles.

Are there any disadvantages or complications of laser frenectomy procedure?

Even though laser surgery is better than the conventional surgery for frenectomy cases, there are some risks associated with laser therapies too:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding from the site
  • Pain and swelling
  • Allergic response to anesthesia.

What to expect at the clinic ?

Your doctor will take details of your medical and dental history. It is necessary because it helps to understand the kind of sedation that you or your child will need for the procedure. The sedation types include local anaesthesia, nitrous oxide(laughing gas), or intravenous sedation.

Your doctor will also perform a blanch test to understand the extent of frenum attachment. All cases do not need sedation, so discuss the options with your doctor. Moreover, remember to let your doctor know if you are allergic to any form of medication or components like adrenaline.

When is the best time for a laser frenectomy?

Labial Frenectomies are comparatively simple procedures and do not need a separate time. You can discuss the timings with your health care provider and decide what suits you best. Your infant can get the procedure done just after a few weeks of delivery. Please consult your dentist for the same. To learn more make an appointment with us now!

Consult our dental specialists to know if laser frenectomy is the ideal treatment option for your condition

What to expect during the laser frenectomy procedure?

Usually, in infants, this is done using a scalpel or scissors. But in adults your doctor might give you local anaesthesia to numb the tissue around the area and then carry out the procedure using a laser diode. The laser treatments are simple and fast; moreover, their recovery rate is also excellent.

What to do after the laser frenectomy treatment?

You will get detailed post-operative information from your doctor to maintain the hygiene of the surgical site. Since the area is exposed, it is more prone to getting infected. Additionally, your dentist will give you pain relievers and antibacterial mouthwash to help you heal faster and better.

There might be a revisit to follow up on your healing progress in two weeks. Make sure to go for the appointment and heal at best. For your infant, there might not be many post-operation instructions; consult your pedodontist for the same.


Frequently asked questions about laser frenectomy:

How long will I take to recover from laser frenectomy ?

In infants, the recovery is almost immediate. However, it might take somewhere between three to five days in adults. Therefore, you should follow the instructions given by your healthcare provider to ensure a faster and more complete recovery.

When can I resume work or school after the laser frenectomy ?

The primary healing takes place in a day, so you can go back to work or school in a day. However, you would want to take extra care for a few days till it heals completely.

Can I eat or drink after the laser frenectomy procedure?

No, you should wait at least two hours before eating or drinking anything after your procedure. Let the anaesthesia wear down first, and then you can drink something. However, for the first few days, stick to soft and gradually move to hard food when you heal.

When should I call my doctor after the laser frenectomy procedure?

You should make an appointment with your dentist if you develop pain, pus or swelling in the surgical area. In sporadic cases, the frenum tends to grow back. You should check with your healthcare provider again if this happens.

Is laser frenectomy the best option?

Yes, frenectomies are straightforward surgeries with the most minor complications. Moreover, with the advancement in laser therapies, frenectomy has become even more convenient and a walk-in surgery. As a result, you can improve your speech and esthetics in the least amount of pain and time.


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