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How to avoid due to face ?

Why face masks result in bad breath?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry, up to 80 million people have chronic bad breath. Bad breath is the third most common reason that people seek dental care, just after tooth decay and gum disease. Using a face mask has become a regular and essential accessory during this coronavirus pandemic. It is very important to protect yourself and others by using a face mask. Several people have started to complain of unpleasant odour after wearing a face mask for several hours. Initially, they think that the mask material causes the smell. 

Does wearing a mask cause bad breath?

No, Wearing a mask doesn't cause bad breath. It just makes you realize that you have bad breath. However, there are several underlying causes that can result in bad breath such as:
  1. Dry Mouth: Most people breathe through their mouths instead of their nose when wearing a mask.
  2. Breathing through the mouth can result in a dry mouth and bad breath. If you breathe through your mouth, you produce less saliva and therefore there isn't sufficient production of saliva to remove food particles and moisten mouth tissue.
  3. Food particles in the mouth: Is your mouth smelling like a rotten egg? During the day, the food you eat sometimes leaves small particles in your mouth. The bits of food can accumulate around your teeth and under your gums. If they are not cleaned daily by brushing your teeth and , they can mix with the bad bacteria in your mouth. Together, they can cause dental or even gum disease.
  4. Oily food: Indian food contains a lot of onion and garlic. This causes smelly breath. Orange juice is great for vitamin C but causes smelly breath as well. The oils present in these aliments and beverages are carried to the lungs and into the breath.
  5. Dirty masks: Using a mask loaded with bacteria is a bad idea. It i not only bad for your dental hygiene, it also results in skin problems.
  6. Smokers mouth: regularly not only causes bad breath but also destroys your teeth in the long term.
The most common cause of bad breath is bad .
Mouth, nose, and throat issues: Sometimes, small, bacterial colonies can form on the tonsils and produce a foul odor. Several or inflammation in the nose, throat, or sinuses can cause bad breath.

How to get rid of bad breath?

  • Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This helps you avoid a dry mouth as well as reduce snoring. Drinking more water during the days you wear the mask for longer periods helps you avoid a dry mouth.
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth is extremely important. Brush at least twice a day to avoid bad breath and maintain good oral hygiene. Use a good toothpaste.
  • Brushing your teeth by itself isn't sufficient. It is also important to brush your tongue. Most of the bacteria thrive in the posterior end of the tongue. Brush your tongue regularly in order to dislodge this bad bacteria that settle and thrive in the crevices of the tongue and teeth.
  • Floss to remove the particles lodged between the teeth. dental flossing to prevent bleeding gums
  • Use an anti-bacterial mouth wash and gargle to kill the bacteria.
  • If this dental care doesn't cure your bad breath, it may be due to an underlying condition. It could be the result of ketosis, , respiratory illnesses or gastric problems.
  • Visit a dentist for a thorough cleaning and evaluation to ensure the right treatment. We advise you to get your teeth cleaned by a dentist at least once or twice in a year.
  • It is also important to regularly clean your masks or dispose of them and purchase a new one to avoid infections.
  • Chew on some sugar-free mints especially after having strong-smelling food and drinks.
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