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How can smokers protect their teeth, if quitting is difficult?

It is not a surprise that can adversely affect one's health. From lung to cancer and emphysema to heart diseases, the effects are widespread. But due to the nature by which the act of smoking is performed, it is only natural to realize and understand that oral health is one of the areas that is highly affected by smoking. Therefore it is very important for smokers to protect their teeth if quitting seems difficult.

What happens to your teeth when you smoke?

Although there are a lot of things that can be a cause of discolored teeth, smokers have a much higher rate of severely discolored teeth than non-smokers. The reason being, the nicotine, and tar in a cigarette. It works its way into the small openings in the enamel of your teeth causing yellow stains that are difficult to be washed off by brushing alone. Apart from staining, tobacco also causes tons of other issues. Take a look at the list of problems a smoker is at a greater risk of when it comes to oral health:
  1. loss and enamel weakening
  2. Dulls sense of taste and smell
  3. or Periodontal disease
  4. Oral cancer
  5. Tooth decay and more
These problems can in the long run cause serious consequences. Although we do understand that quitting is a daunting task for some, we want you to understand and learn that while you are constantly trying to slow down on this habit, you also need to follow good oral hygiene to protect your teeth from complete damage.

How to fix ? Tips for smokers to protect their teeth from diseases

  1. Brush your teeth: This may seem very generic, but brushing is very important for keeping your teeth white. Use a toothpaste if you must or special toothpaste (read tip 2). This will help you keep your breath fresh and your teeth healthy. Also, brushing right after smoking is advisable as this will remove the tar and the other chemicals which have deposited on the teeth, more quickly. The more time you take, the harder the chemicals will set in.
  2. Consider using a special smoker's toothpaste: These special toothpastes contain harsh ingredients that help to brush off the tar and the nicotine embedded in the teeth – Ingredients such as baking soda. The only disadvantage to using these kinds of toothpastes is that they tend to wear down the enamel faster due to the abrasive presence of baking soda and other a-like ingredients. Hence, here is a another tip while using such toothpastes – Consider using these toothpastes some of the time and regular toothpaste the rest of the time.
  3. Floss your teeth: Flossing helps remove tar and nicotine, especially in areas between the teeth. It is very important to floss your teeth before you sleep or after brushing. But be sure to floss your teeth once every day.
  4. Regular dental check-ups: Regular dental check-ups should be a part of your to-do list if you are a smoker. Consult with your dentist on how often they advise you to visit and get your oral health checked. During these check-ups, the dentist will do a surface clean-up which should lessen deep staining.
  5. Try oral products: There are a variety of teeth whitening products that you can try using after consulting your dentist. Most of them come in the form of strips, teeth whitening gels, or bleaches. Reviews say that such products are very effective for getting rid of smoking stains, but these should be used only on prior consultation with the dentist. Also, make sure you use bleaches and gels sparingly, while strips can be used on a regular basis.
  6. Professional teeth whitening and : This is the most advisable and effective way to keep your oral health intact and get rid of stains. This would involve a cosmetic cleaning which will get out more staining than the normal cleaning. But keep in mind, professional teeth whitening uses some harsh chemicals to brighten your teeth and so you will experience sensitive teeth for a short period of time. read more about professional teeth whitening
The most important tip of all is to: Quit smoking. This is the most effective way of eliminating staining and other oral diseases but we understand it is by no means the easiest. Reducing the number of cigarettes gradually can help you quit, and over time, the nicotine and tar staining should fade away. Schedule an appointment with us and get your dental health checked, is always better than cure.

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