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Effects of Endotoxin on – How dentistry can help?

What is Endotoxin?

Endotoxins are bacterial toxins composed of lipids and sugar complexes that are part of the outer membrane of the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. They are also known as lipopolysaccharide or LPS.  A part of it contains fatty acids, polysaccharides. These do not harm the tissues directly. They are a type of pyrogen and as mentioned, is a component of the outer wall of bacteria. Effects of endotoxin: Sometimes septic could occur during serious with gram-negative organisms when bacteria or LPS enters the bloodstream.

How laser-ER Yag and ND-Yag energy will remove the endotoxins to avoid further deterioration of bone loss and further gum loss?

  • Laser -ER Yag and laser ND-Yag
Laser therapy is effective in endodontics, laser therapy involves decimating these bacteria, thereby preventing deterioration of bone or gum infection and permanent loss. The Erbium lasers are soft as well as hard and are beneficial for dental procedures as it is both safe and effective for decay and crumbling of a tooth bone. Erbium lasers are used to scale root base during the periodontal procedure which helps in avoiding decontamination of the root surface. Bone loss or bone cutting with erbium lasers have excellent healing response and the procedures are done without using local anaesthesia to numb the tooth. A study reveals that preparation of with ER -Yag laser using 200 to 400 microprobes is faster and very efficient and best-suited laser types for a cavity. ER-Yag laser is helpful to clinicians who want a hard and soft tissue laser. Benefits of laser energy
  • It prevents loss of bleeding and swelling of gums by not only removing the bacteria but also killing them, eliminating the need for any further gum surgery.
  • Treatment is uniquely designed for patients depending on the varying levels of the periodontal disease.
  • Recover is very quick compared to traditional surgery, and the treatment causes less trauma to the areas in the mouth.
  • There is no need for anaesthesia most of the times
  • Laser treatments being extremely precise, it helps in protecting healthy parts of the teeth while removing the infected teeth or cavity.
  • It minimizes the risk of bacteria, as there are no multiple tools in the procedure.

How laser curettage will help or periodontitis?

Laser curettage: What is it? It is a procedure primarily for the treatment of gum infection also called periodontal diseases. It is the best way to remove affected areas of bacteria being formed at the base or surface of the teeth. If this is not treated well in time it can have an adverse effect on . These start when bacteria, infects the areas around the teeth and form tartar.
Who can undergo laser curettage treatment?
Patients who suffer periodontal diseases with a moderate or advanced stage like juvenile periodontitis, chronic gingivitis and trench mouth would be recommended for laser curettage treatment. Also, those who suffer tooth loss, swollen tissues due to severe pain and gum bleeding, and also if there is persistent bad breath. Additionally, those experiencing tooth decay issues, gum recession, or pus discharge from the gum can also seek laser curettage treatment. At times , we come across patients who need and to undergo the procedures need to take anaesthesia, and most of them are allergic to anaesthesia or consuming blood thinners, in such cases too, they are recommended of laser curettage treatment.
Laser procedure for treating
The procedure approximately takes one hour. But at the same time, it depends on the patient's infection, the extent to which the infection has been spread is done to remove the bacteria from all parts of the pockets and any infected tissue. Thereafter, depending on the condition of the patient the dentist will determine the type of . In case, the condition is bad a root planning is done to smoothen the irregularities in the roots of the teeth. Then the dentist uses a laser to remove the infection or bacterial tissues lining the pockets around the teeth. The power of the laser helps in checking the diseased and healthy tissues and the intensity of the laser beam kills the bacteria. Performing laser curettage requires a special kind of glass or goggles to avoid any harm to the eyes due to the extreme brightness of the beam.
How does laser curettage help in treating gum disease?
The outcomes of this treatment are generally positive.
  1. The healing period is very quick and there are no adverse effects of this treatment.
  2. The affected tooth is almost saved in this treatment by treating the damage of the jawbone.
  3. As the bacteria is plugged from the periodontal pockets and the treatment is done with highly oral equipment, by maintaining good there are very fewer chances of recurrence of the condition.
  4. It helps in proper brushing and flossing.
Laser treatment in Bangalore sounds expensive but is the most suitable and the best way to treat periodontitis or gum disease in a quicker, less painful way.

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