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E-Cigarettes and – How does vaping damage your oral heal

We all know that is bad for oral health. The risk of dental plaque and gum disease increases with smoking. Hence, E-Cigarettes were created and are advertised as a safer option to traditional cigarettes. But here is new research shows that vaping is as bad as smoking conventional cigarettes. How does vaping damage your oral health? In a study published, researchers discovered harmful chemicals in E-Cigarettes vapour. The chemicals can cause damage to mouth cells, thus leading to an array of oral health problems. Some of these include , tooth loss, and mouth cancer.
How does vaping damage your oral health?
Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices. They contain a heating device and a cartridge that holds a liquid solution. When a user puffs the liquid, it turns into a mist that is inhaled. The vapour produced contains nicotine and other toxic chemicals. Gums need to receive oxygen and nutrients to remain healthy. Vaping regularly can cause the gums to recede by reducing blood flow through the veins. Gum reduction leads to sensitive teeth and increases the risk of . Nicotine also decreases the saliva in the mouth, resulting in dry mouth, plaque buildup, and . During vaping, nicotine inhaled works like a muscle stimulant. As a result, you may also grind or clench your teeth unconsciously when you're awake. The grinding of teeth is called bruxism, which leads to tooth damage and other oral health complications. Watch out for these oral health problems if you vape!
  • Bad breath
  • Red, irritated, or
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Wiggly teeth or loss of teeth
  • Receding gums or other gum diseases
Flavoured vapour is more harmful as it aggravates the damage to the gums. A research team observed gums of nonsmokers by exposing them to tobacco or menthol-flavoured e-cigarette vapour. They concluded that flavoured e-cigarette vapour increases cell damage in the mouth, with the menthol-flavour posing the most harm. Some common about vaping and oral health:
  • Does vaping cause tooth sensitivity? The heat from the vapour can cause tooth sensitivity and gum recession.
  • Can the sweeteners in e-liquid cause cavities? A sweetener used in food processing called Propylene glycol can mix well with flavouring ingredients. It can cause dry mouth that leads to cavities and gum disease. PG also breaks down into acetic acid, lactic acid, and propionaldehyde — all of which are known to harm the tooth enamel and soft tissues.
  • Can I vape after a ? As the blood needs to clot, avoid vaping for at least the first three days following the . Nicotine decreases clotting and healing time. Moreover, the pressure from sucking on the vape can pull the clot, causing you a lot of pain or even an infection.
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