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Understanding the Classification of

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Dental or cavities are irreversible. They are microbial diseases leading to calcification of the tissues of the teeth. It is characterized by demineralization and the organic substance of the is destroyed. Classifications of cavities or dental caries are done on the basis of the part of the tooth that is involved. They can occur on smooth surfaces, or in the pits and grooves of the teeth. Dr. G.V. Black the father of operative dentistry classified carious lesions according to their locations in and around permanent teeth. These classifications are also used for cavity preparations. Initially there were five classifications but one category was added into it later. There are four principles of cavity preparations the outline form, the convenience form, the retention form and the resistance form.

Classification of Cavities

  1. Class I: occurring in the fissures and pits of the lingual, occlusal and facial surfaces of the molar and premolar and in the lingual pits of the incisors
  2. Class II: develop on the proximal surface of molars and premolars (posterior teeth)
  3. Class III: present on the proximal surface of anterior teeth without the involvement of an incisal angle
  4. Class IV: also occurring on the proximal surface of anterior (1,2,3 teeth) the incisal angle is involved and requires restoration
  5. Class V: involve the smooth lingual and facial surfaces close to the gingival and can also require a cementum and enamel
  6. Class VI: pits, wear and tear defects occurring on the incisal edges on the cusp tips of posterior teeth
Dental Solutions aims at removing the defects and providing conservative restoration and resistance of the tooth to any fracture. Placement of material allows successful aesthetic and functional restorations of the tooth.

Diagnosis of Dental Caries or Cavities

Diagnodent pen is a detection tool to identify interproximal caries without radiography. At Dental Solutions, Bangalore the Diagnodent handheld device is used for the detection of caries and provides an accurate diagnosis of sub-surface lesions that are otherwise extremely difficult to spot. Operating at a wavelength of 655 nm healthy tooth structure display low ratings and exhibit no fluorescence. Tooth with caries reveals fluorescence in proportion to the degree of caries present along with elevated ratings. Changes in scale values are signaled through an alarm in the device.

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