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Seluby Chisanga from Malawi – Laser Gum Treatment

Seluby Chisanga from Malawi – Laser Gum Treatment

My name is Seluby Chisanga, I am from Malawi and came here to Bangalore

Suddenly I had problems with my tooth and problems with the gums

I visited about two other dentists to look at the gums but I wasn’t satisfied I still had the pain
And then I googled where is saw Dental Solutions there were several other dentists, but after reading the testimonies of some patients who had dental problem, I gave it a thought of visiting dental solutions

I came to dental solutions and I met Dr. Balasubramanya who advised that I have gum problem and he advised that I have to undergo laser treatment for the gums
Well, I was afraid but he assured me all would go well so he performed the laser treatment and after the treatment, he advised me that I should also get a water pik flosser and I bought one

When I got home, I felt much much better because I was in terrible pain but that night I managed to sleep and ever since that time I’ve never had problems with my teeth again

So after coming, this is my second review and I’m a very happy customer and a happy patient
And I will tell anyone out there those who have dental problems, please don’t waste your time come straight to Dental solutions and get help – I’m a happy one.