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Do you forget to floss every day? You are not alone. According to a study, only 87 per cent of the Indian population floss occasionally or not at all. Flossing helps to eliminate plaque buildup, which can lead to tartar. It makes your teeth look brighter and healthier. As traditional flossing requires manual work, patients usually inquire if there's an alternative.  Water flossing is an alternative to the traditional string and finger method. In water flossing, a device aims a stream of water into the teeth and gums. Rather than scraping the teeth to fight plaque, the flosser uses pressured water to eliminate debris from the teeth. A study published (Journal of Clinical Dentistry) found that patients who water floss have a 74.4 per cent reduction in plaque than those who string floss. Additionally, other studies have shown water flossing to reduce and gum bleeds compared to string flossing. Benefits Of Water Flossing: Here are some benefits of a water flosser:
  • Non-abrasive. 
Water flossers are a gentle alternative to traditional flossing. They are less likely to cause inflammation or bleeding. Researchers observed that water flossing could reduce gum bleeds by 84.5 per cent from the baseline, which was 26 per cent better than brushing and flossing. 
  • Water flossing after implants
They are a risk-free and gentle option after a dental restoration or implants. Maintaining your implants is essential for their long-term survival. Water flossers can clean the hard to reach areas, such as those surrounding implants. The fusion of pulsation and pressure creates a hydraulic force that removes the biofilm. Research shows that water flossing can obstruct periodontal pathogens in pockets up to 6 mm deep. Water flossers are excellent for patients with braces. Their hydraulic stream cleans between wires and flushes any leftover food particles that lead to plaque buildup. They are suitable for people of almost any age, even children as young as six with supervision. Some water flossers are available mainly for children ages six to eleven. They safely and efficiently remove plaque along the gum line and teeth. How is ® plays an important role after periodontal therapy?
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treatment requires good care. Cleaning periodontal pockets can be a task using traditional methods like brushing, flossing, and rinsing which have limitations and cannot really go deep down and reach into a pocket. To improve periodontal pocket cleaning and reduce pocket depth, use a Waterpik®  – clinically proven to remove plaque and improve after periodontal therapy. The specially designed tip lets you flush out plaque and food debris from deep within gum pockets with ease and no pain and without irritating tender tissues. Treatment for periodontal pockets varies depending on the severity or depth of the pocket or pockets you have. Only your dentist or periodontist can determine the best treatment for your needs. You can trust our team at Dental Solutions to provide exceptional care for your .  Contact us today if you are considering using a water flosser, we will help you make the right choice.

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