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Is getting dental during the pandemic a good idea?

How safe is it to get dental braces during Covid ?

The COVID19 pandemic has dramatically impacted all lives, particularly the healthcare industry. The majority of patients are afraid to visit the doctor for fear of being infected. Through this article, learn why getting braces during the pandemic is actually a good idea.

High level precaution to ensure a comfortable experience

Dentists take the utmost precautionary measures to ensure that patient visits are extremely safe. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure that all our patients are comfortable. We make sure that all our patients receive the best possible treatment.

Enhanced use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

In our regular practice, orthodontists and clinical staff use gloves, surgical masks and gowns. Due to the pandemic, we use comprehensive personal protective equipment to ensure maximum safety.

New cleaning and sterilisation procedures

As usual, we have the cleaning and sterilisation of instruments and other supplies, which are routinely performed in dental offices. During the pandemic, we have also considered other critical routine cleaning protocols. These protocols are with respect to waiting room furniture, washrooms, floors and other surfaces. 

Respecting social distancing

Redistribution of spaces

Orthodontic clinics often have several chairs relatively close together in open spaces sharing common facilities. In order to achieve an appropriate physical distance, we have ensured that the distance is respected. We have ensured adequate personal space is provided for each patient.

We use our Internet communication, remote monitoring and virtual assistance to manage ongoing and urgent patient care when necessary.

We also encourage the use of devices and supplies that require fewer changes and activations. We avoid devices that may result in unplanned appointments due to damage, debonding and injuries. 

100% care before, during and after getting dental braces

We also provide some important tips that will help you take the best care of your teeth and braces. This can help you easily manage without regular orthodontist visits during this period.

It is important to get braces, and it is a lot easier than most people think.

Before your first official appointment, you will have a regular consultation with your orthodontist. Your orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and make an appropriate treatment recommendation.

The first step to getting braces is to get a consultation with your dentist. It is recommended to get your teeth professionally cleaned. If you need treatment for other conditions, your dentist may recommend taking care of these issues before getting braces.

Once you get braces, we provide you a list of food items you need to avoid (sticky ). We also provide steps to ensure maximum care.

100% assistance for getting your braces during the pandemic

We ensure we accompany you through each step of your treatment. We provide all the necessary information, precautions and food recommendations through this process.

If you plan on getting braces you can do so during he pandemic as we assure maximum care and protection. Even if you face any unforeseen problems we ensure 100% assistance to help you resolve your problems.

You are just one step closer to getting that perfect smile. Book an appointment with your dentist today to get started with the process.

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