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Irshad Ahmed – Treatment for Gingivitis

Irshad Ahmed – Treatment for Gingivitis

Hi, I’m Irshad Ahmed, I’ve been suffering for Gingivitis for the past 10 years or more than that. I have visited many dentists in Bangalore and in Hyderabad, Doctors have suggested many solutions including Flap surgery, dental cleaning, etc. and even after undergoing all these treatments, the gingivitis issues resurfaced after some time, it could be because of improper maintenance, but it usually recurred. This made me switch dentists based on reviews or outcomes, suggestions from my friends and fortunately I got to know about Dr. K V Balasubramanya in Dental Solutions Bangalore, and I read about his special expertise in gum related treatments I decided to get in touch with him.

During my consultation, Dr. Balasubramanya carefully listened to my concerns and suggest a set of treatment, which I later researched about it I was confident and convinced to go ahead with the treatment.

After undergoing a couple of rounds of treatment and followup session, I could see my gum health has improved a lot and the gingivitis issue has not resurfaced. He also guided me with the right techniques to maintain overall oral hygiene and the benefits of using a water pic flosser

“Thanks to Dr. Balu, Now I feel more confident and the gum issues have not recurred”

I strongly recommend Dr. Balasubramany and Dental Solutions for any gum related conditions like Gingivitis, you will get the best treatment here.

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