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Irshad Ahmed from Canada

Irshad Ahmed from Canada

It is testimonials like these that brighten our smile.

Irshad Ahmed from Canada visited our dental clinic in Bangalore for periodontal treatment, he initially suffered from the consequences of the gum disease, but after the treatment, he is happy and completely relieved of the pain and the treatment has already started showing great results. Watch what he has to say.

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When it comes to dental care, men and women aren’t on the same board. For example, more men encounter gum disease than women – nearly 57 per cent of men have some form of periodontal disease compared to almost 38 per cent of women suffering from the same. The reasons for the high percentage in men could be due to the fact that men are less likely to seek preventive dental care and neglect their oral health than women.

Periodontal health in men is very important as it can affect more than just oral health, it affects the overall health. You may also want to read about health risks associated with periodontal diseases.