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Illich Mujica – New York

Illich Mujica – New York

I am a New Yorker from Brooklyn who was in Bangalore for work to play a DJ gig. For years I had been trying to get my 4 wisdom teeth removed to be able to fix my bite and also my crowded teeth.

Unfortunately, the cost for this procedure was not allowable for me in New York City.

My wife suggested that I did the procedure in Bangalore to make the costs more accessible, so I researched many practices and settled with Dr. Ramya at Dental Solutions.

Dr. Ramya answered all of my cost questions via email before my trip to India and the costs were always what she had described since our first talk.

When I arrived I was seen by the specialists who took my X-rays and the dental surgeon was ready for the wisdom teeth removal. The procedure was done in a very professional way. All the tools and the environment were sterilized, clean and safe. I would say it took no longer than 45 minutes from beginning to end.

I was sent home with most of my medications and prescriptions for the rest of my recovery. After a week I had healed almost fully and was ready for my DJ performance in Bangalore on Saturday night. (Dr. Ramya and I discussed the timing of procedure in order for me to be able to be on stage fully functional).

The day before my performance Dr. Ramya removed my stitches and I was good to go! (She even had taken an imprint of my upper teeth to make a custom night guard to protect my teeth from my unfortunate and unconscious clicking and grinding night habits. This, of course, was an extra cost from the original discussed cost for my wisdom teeth removal, and the product I got was top quality and the best night guard fit I have ever had).

As of right now, my gums continue to heal and improve at a good rate. Dr. Ramya was constantly in direct communication with me answering all of my questions (even after work hours).

All in all, I am incredibly satisfied with the value Dental Solutions provided. Their facilities are modern and clean; their equipment is fully sterilized, and their staff is knowledgeable and professional.

I’d recommend Dental Solutions to any westerner (or anyone!) who is in Bangalore and needs a dental procedure of any kind.

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