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, How and when to use it?

What is a Gum Stimulator? 

A gum stimulator is a device that looks like a . They have angulated ends with pointed rubber cone tips. Earlier, these were made of metal. However, the modern gum stimulators are made of plastic and are designed to upgrade blood flow to the gums. 

When it comes to caring for the health of your gums, you may think that your toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash are all you need. However, caring for your gums is so important that it is vital to remember to care for them in addition to your teeth—not as a second thought or simple byproduct of brushing. Gum stimulators are an additional inexpensive device that can be used to clean the gum line and area between the teeth. 

Why is important? 

Gum provides a seal to prevent food and other foreign objects from passing. Especially when you get older, your gums become susceptible to disease. Moreover, your gums are tightly bound to the underlying bone, allowing you to eat a variety of food efficiently. 

What are the types of Gum Stimulators? 

The gum stimulators, also known as gum butlers or massagers are available in various material types, for example: 

  • Metal Gum Stimulators 
  • Plastic Stimulators 
  • Rubber Stimulators 
  • Thermoplastic elastomers stimulators 

How does the stimulator interact with Gum? 

Gum stimulators can effectively clean the gaps between your teeth. Increased blood flow to the gums allows more oxygen to penetrate the gums and access infected areas. It has two functions: to exercise and stimulate. The bacteria below the gum line are anaerobic, and when stimulators are rubbed against it, an aerobic environment is created, killing the bacteria.

How to use a Gum Stimulator? 

Given that gum stimulators are an over-the-counter appliance for oral healthcare it is comparatively easy to use. You can follow the following steps:
gum stimulator 3d video animation
  • Brush your teeth with a medium or soft bristle toothbrush. 
  • Clean spaces between your teeth with floss or an interdental brush.
  • Keep the gum stimulator in warm water for the rubber tip to soften.
  • Gently massage your gum and gum line using the tip of the gum stimulator.
  • To remove the remaining food particles or foreign objects from between spaces of teeth, slide the rubber tip between the teeth. 
  • Besides sliding the stimulator, you can also massage the gum line.
  • Move the gum stimulator in a small circular motion. 
  • Rinse throughout the process. 
  • Soak your gum stimulator in a solution of one part water and two parts of hydrogen peroxide between uses. 

When to use Gum Stimulators? 

  • It should be used whenever you are brushing your teeth. 
  • Using once a day is also proven to be effective. 

You have to get used to it in the beginning. You might feel odd sensations. In patients with gum diseases, a gum stimulator can prevent the gum condition from worsening in patients with gum diseases. To lessen the incidence of cavity formation as gum stimulators help in removing leftover food particles. 

When do we not use Gum Stimulators? 

  • When you see any while using the stimulator. 
  • When you feel uncomfortable with the amount of force, you apply.
  • When your teeth start feeling sensitive. 

Who can use Gum Stimulators? 

  • It is recommended by dentists for people with gum diseases
  • Anyone can use them to improve general gum and
  • People with orthodontic wires. 

How can Gum Stimulators help in Gum diseases? 

  • It helps in better cleansing of areas below the gum line as these devices can reach there but brushes cannot.
  • It can help prevent gum diseases from getting worse. 
  • It strengthens the gum tissue and firms up the gum line. 
  • It can stop the spread of in adjacent areas. 
  • By rubbing below the gum line, oxygen reaches periodontal pockets. 

How effective are Gum Stimulators? 

Gum Stimulator effectiveness

  • It should not replace brushing or
  • Highly effective in removing food or foreign particles from between the teeth.
  • Since the rubber tip is soft, it can reach further than a toothbrush.
  • It is affordable and effective in combating gum disease. 

 about Gum Stimulators

Does using gum stimulators require dental prescriptions? 

No, anyone can use gum stimulators, however, is it advised to consult you dentist before using one

How much do gum stimulators cost?

Gum stimulators cost somewhere around INR 200 for each device

Is there any precaution to be taken while using gum stimulator? 

Something to consider when using gum stimulators is not to apply excessive force to your teeth or gums to minimize agitating your tissue or impairing your enamel. 

Is it safe to use a Gum stimulator? 

Generally, these devices are safe to use at home. 
If you are facing challenges using gum stimulators, it is best to seek a dental professional's advice as soon as possible. 



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