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in – How it affects male health

Gum Disease in men: When it comes to dental care, men and women aren't on the same board. For example, more men encounter gum disease than women – nearly 57 percent of men have some form of compared to almost 38 percent of women suffering from the same. The reasons for the high percentage in men could be due to the fact that men are less likely to seek preventive dental care and neglect their than women. Periodontal health in men is very important as it can affect more than just the oral health, it affects the overall health. you also want to read about health risks associated with periodontal diseases

Gum disease in menGum Disease in Men and PROSTATE HEALTH

Gum disease can affect the health of a man's prostate. Research has shown that men with indicators of periodontal disease such as red, swollen or tender gums as well as prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) have higher levels of Prostate-specific antigen (PSA), an enzyme created in the prostate that is normally secreted in very small amounts. However, when the prostate becomes inflamed, infected, affected by cancer, or the above  mentioned indicators are triggered, PSA levels rise and most of the times, you will notice that the clinical attachment level (CAL) of the gums and teeth also show an increase, clearly suggesting that prostate health may be associated with periodontal health.

Gum Disease in Men and DISEASE

Like gum disease, cardiac disease is a type of inflammatory condition. The inflamed gums associated with periodontal disease can increase a person's risk for developing heart disease. Researchers conclude that inflammation is the connection between gum disease and heart disease. Men already have a higher risk of developing cardiac related diseases than women, so one way by which they can protect themselves from being an easy prey to heart disease is by maintaining good gum and teeth health.

Gum Disease in Men and IMPOTENCE

Medical research highlights that men with erectile dysfunction (ED) were more likely to have been diagnosed with chronic periodontal disease (CPD) than men without ED. Chronic inflammation, like that found in men with periodontal disease, can cause damage to the endothelial cells which form the lining of the blood vessels, which can then lead to impotence. Inflammation may be the link between the two conditions.

Gum Disease in Men and CANCER

Periodontal disease and some forms of cancer are associated as well According to, “men with a history of gum disease are 14% more likely to develop cancer than men with healthy gums”. To help prevent periodontal disease and the affects of it on your overall health, start with   routine at home, visit your dentist every six months regardless of gender, examine your teeth, plaque, gums, bite, bone structure and any risk factors you may have for periodontal disease.

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