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Fabrice from France – Wavelength Optimised Periodontal Therapy

Fabrice from France – Wavelength Optimised Periodontal Therapy

Fabrice from France tells us about his experience at Dental Solutions Clinic. He was suffering from gum disease for quite a while; and while he did seek various opinions, none of them helped him discover the root cause of the problem. He is very thankful to Dental Solutions and Dr Balasubramanya for diagnosing it at the right time and informing him that he had been suffering from periodontitis.

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Dr Balasubramanya recommended Wavelength Optimised Periodontal Therapy. Laser Periodontal treatment is gaining popularity in many places. One such is “Wavelength optimism periodontal therapy” also known as “WPT”. Wavelength Optimised Periodontal Therapy is used to treat Periodontal diseases.

Wavelength optimism periodontal therapy is a minimally invasive method to treat periodontal diseases using Nd: YAG and ER: YAG laser energy. These wavelengths have unique clinical and therapeutic abilities that are used to treat periodontal diseases in the best way. Instead of a sharp knife that would peel off the gum or teeth, thin laser quartz would be inserted between the tooth and the gum line to remove the diseased tissue.

Fabrice is extremely happy and satisfied with treatment. He says “After two months, there is no more bleeding when brushing and overall,the recovery is smooth and steady“.

Team Dental Solutions is even more happier and we thank you for your wonderful feedback.