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Common questions about care from our patients

Everyone has questions related to dental health. Here are a few we come across:
  • When to change a ?

    You should change your toothbrush every three months, as toothbrush are wear and tear items and need to be replaced before they look worn. Worn toothbrushes can damage gum tissue and will not clean your mouth well.
  • How does help teeth?

    Fluoride works in the remineralization process help in keeping the teeth strong and prevents .
  • Are root canals treatments painful?

    treatments if done by a professional dentist will relieve pain and not cause any kind of damage to your teeth. Endodontists are experts in this area and can manage the pain to give a quick treatment. After the treatment, the patient needs to closely follow the instructions provided by the dentist
  • How many visits do I need to complete a ?

    Every root canal treatment depends on the patient's condition, but due to the advancement of endodontic science and technology the treatment is completed can be completed in two visits. Although there may be exceptions to severe cases.
  • What will happen if I avoid root canal treatment?

    If root canal treatment is avoided, the infection can spread to the surrounding area and cause a pus formation. It will then spread to other areas like the floor of the mouth. Delay in treatment can lead to loss of teeth on either side of the originally infected .
  • Is general anaesthesia safe for during any dental procedures?

    Pediatric dentists advise general anaesthesia for anxious and young children who need long and complex treatments. Most of the parents come up with this question with regards to its safety. Yes, it is very much safe, it does not cause any harm to the brain. The patient or the child is monitored throughout the anaesthesia.
  • At what age should I take my child to the dentist for the first time?

    Parents are recommended to visit a dentist once the child is six months old and regular after the first tooth comes in or even after all the baby teeth are in – this is generally between 3-5 years. It is important to have a dental visit for several reasons:
    • Cleaning your child's teeth properly
    • Deciding on giving the type of food for your child.
    • Maintaining good nutritional habits
    • Precautions for .
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