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4 Health Risks of

or is associated with a lot of systemic diseases and health problems. The effects of are directly associated with the extent of the infection and untreated duration of the gum disease. Periodontal disease is a result of a bacterial infection which has the capacity to break down the immune system and decrease the body's abilities to fight infection. Gum disease augments the risk of , , attacks, respiratory diseases, and digestive disorders. Treating the inflammation not only treats periodontal disease, it also eliminates entrenched diabetes, endocarditis and other diseases.

4 Health Risks of Periodontal Diseases

1. Diabetes

individuals with diabetes can contract faster and are prone to develop gum disease which increases blood sugar levels and diabetic complications. Chronic periodontitis leads to raised blood sugar for lengthy periods of time forcing the body to function at abnormal levels giving way to diabetic complications.

2. Heart Disease

Inflammation due to periodontal disease can aggravate heart diseases putting patients at a risk of infective endocarditis. The patient may have to take prescriptive antibiotics prior to the treatment of periodontitis.

3. Stroke

Stroke and periodontitis are closely related to each other. Individuals with oral infection have been diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia leading to the risk of stroke.

4. Premature birth

Women diagnosed with oral infections are susceptible to preterm or premature deliveries increasing the health risks for the infant. It is best that pregnant women treat periodontal disease within the 35th week of gestation.

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