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10 you love that are bad for your teeth

Have you come across the phrase, “you are what you eat”? This is true also in the case of our , our oral health is all based on what we eat and how we take care of it.  There are various foods and beverages that can cause damage to our teeth – damage in the form of plaque, , etc. We need to especially be careful of the food that is both sticky and sugary – as these are extremely bad for the teeth. Wondering why? That's because when food is sticky, it tends to stick around in the mouth (teeth) for a longer time, which in turn gives a chance for bacteria to grow and cause damage.

Here is a list of 10 foods you should avoid for healthy teeth.

1. Aerated Soft drinks:

Beverages such as sodas and sports drinks, including diet sodas, are especially bad for teeth when drinking for extended periods of time – They cause discolouring and decay due to the sugary and acidic nature of the soda. Try to drink water after consuming such beverages.

2. Chips:

We all love the nice, satisfying crunch of a potato chip, don't we? Unfortunately, potato chips are filled with starch, which gets trapped in our teeth and can eventually lead to plaque build-up.  Here is a bit of advice – Take extra care when you floss after crunching on some chips, you need to make sure you have cleared up the food particles stuck in between your teeth.

coffee bad food for teeth3. Coffee:

The answer to most situations in life is ‘Coffee'. But did you know that it is also an answer to dry mouth and stained teeth? In its natural form, coffee can be a healthy beverage choice, sadly too many people can't resist adding sugar which is another drawback. Here is a better alternative – Make sure to drink plenty of water and try to keep the add-ons, such as hot tea and coffee to a minimum.

4. Watch your citrus intake:

It feels very satisfying to enjoy a fresh lime soda or an orange juice on a hot summer day. But these acidic foods cause great harm to the enamel, it can erode the enamel and make the teeth vulnerable to over a period of time. Also, citric fruits and juices can irritate mouth sores. Here is a better alternative – Make sure to drink plenty of plain water to quench your thirst.

ice bad food for teeth5. Ice:

Are you surprised that ice is on the list of bad foods for teeth? Although you may think that ice is made of water, and doesn't contain any sugar or other harmful for teeth additives, you must remember that chewing on hard substances can expose your teeth to a dental emergency such as chipped, cracked, broken teeth, or loosened crowns and also damage tooth enamel.

6. Alcohol:

Everyone is aware excessive alcohol is not healthy. But did you know that when you drink, you dry out your mouth? This makes our mouth lacks saliva, which is required to keep our teeth healthy, to keep the food from sticking to our teeth. Additionally, Saliva also helps repair early signs of and tooth decay. Limit the consumption of alcohol and make sure to drink plenty of water to keep the mouth well-hydrated.

7. Hard Candies:

Candies take a while to dissolve and deliver the sugary tasty goodness. This can cause major damage to the teeth in the form of plaque and cavities, especially in . Also, beware of potential dental emergencies like cuts on the inside of the mouth or .

8. Dry Fruits:

Dehydrated foods are considered nutritious for health, but at the same time, they are sticky and sugary. Make sure you floss after munching on them.

9. Popcorn:

Popcorn – Our friendly companion while watching movies can pose a danger to the teeth by promoting the growth of bacteria s they get trapped between the teeth and stay there for long. Brush after eating popcorn.

10. Vinegar:

Vinegar is responsible for the increased amount of enamel erosion and over-use of this in pickles, salads, can trigger tooth decay. What can you do after consumption? Rinse your mouth with water to minimize the potential danger. Of course, you cannot cut down completely on all the bad foods, but you can definitely limit the consumption and make sure to take precautions – like brushing and your teeth after consuming such bad foods for teeth.

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